Why Covid has changed the way we clean
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No one will forget the year 2020 and how Covid-19 changed the way we lived our lives. The coronavirus pandemic continues to prove incredibly challenging for businesses and households alike, but it has also served to highlight the importance of something that is often taken for granted – cleaning!

Since COVID-19 It’s now more important than ever to nurture your commercial, domestic and retail premises and create environments that are cleaned to a new level of cleanliness.

Professional cleaning has traditionally been a service that is delivered at a time when there is minimum disruption and as a result was a service that could easily go unnoticed, and consequently, its importance could be forgotten about.

This has changed. We are no longer an ‘invisible’ service. In fact, most customers and employees would view seeing a cleaning team operating on a business’ premises during the working day as a reassurance, not an inconvenience.
Never before has cleanliness taken such a top priority as businesses and households across Sydney have taken a proactive approach to minimize the risk of infection. A germ-free and clean facility provides an environment filled with energy and enthusiasm.

If you are looking for a new cleaning company to clean your space, get in touch with SSK Property Services, we think you’ll like the way we do things!